About JB Passmore Inc.

We are a Texas-based, family-owned facility contractor, started by James B. Passmore after he returned from serving in World War II. We have serviced a diverse set of clients in multiple cities and states for 60 years. Our team of skilled laborers and site managers deliver a seamless building experience, from design and construction to long-term maintenance.

In 1964, our company was founded and incorporated by James B. Passmore in Houston, Texas.

Since that time, our company has continued to grow and adjust to the ever changing business environment, while maintaining the one goal to provide a professional and transparent service experience. A number of our major oil and industrial clients have been with JB Passmore, Inc. since our beginnings.

Today, JB Passmore Inc. combines an administrative team that provides phone support, record keeping, photo logs, surveys and IT solutions with an excellent team of skilled tradesmen and contractors.

The staff is familiar with government standards including ADA and municipal certificate of occupancy requirements.

In addition to our current training, our staff is willing to be trained on any brand standards and/or specialized equipment required to service your account.



JB Passmore Inc. was founded in 1964 by James B Passmore. James launched the company after serving in the US Navy during World War II. The company provided construction services to major oil companies and industrial leaders in Houston, Texas. James B. Passmore assembled a generation of clients with hard work, trust and promise.

James had a simple, yet powerful vision for his business – to deliver a seamless, no-hassle service experience with an emphasis on honesty and hard work. These are values he learned growing up in a family business. His diligence has allowed JB Passmore Inc. to expand across industries and beyond Houston.

James’ sons carry on their father’s legacy today, ensuring that his vision of honesty, accessibility and hard work is upheld.

With an enthusiastic team of coordinators and talented service technicians, JB Passmore Inc. continues to develop a premium client base expanding outside the state of Texas

Since its beginnings, JB Passmore Inc. has provided its clients with unparalleled service. We are continually working towards innovating within our industry and bettering the renovation, project and repair experience. You can learn more about our milestones and stay updated with our accomplishments here.

  • 2019 - Regional Service provider
  • 2018 - JB Passmore Inc. Strong
  • 2017 - JB Passmore Inc. sets a new standard on visibility and photo documentation.
  • 2017 - Remembering Virginia M. Passmore Co-founder
  • 2016 - JB Passmore Inc. moves the corporate office to Bellaire, just South of The Galleria.
  • 2015 - Remembering James B. Passmore our founder
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Mission + Values

We believe that a superior service experience can only be achieved when guided by certain values, like accessibility, honesty and expertise.

Charity + Community Involvement

We don’t just work in Houston – we’re an active part of our community and enjoy serving the city in different ways.


We get it. No one likes surprises. You can count on JB Passmore Inc to be completely transparent throughout the renovation and repairs process.


Our team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. JB Passmore Inc is your reachable partner in facility repair and renovation.


It's simple. Our decades of experience mean unparalleled service for our clients. The Passmore name has become associated with top facilities.