Awards + Recognition

JB Passmore Inc. appreciates the opportunity to work alongside our valued clients. These awards would not be possible without the enthusiasm of our team and the trust of those we serve.

Texas, Louisiana, Florida strong

Harvey and Irma

Harvey and Maria pummeled through the Atlantic and devastated all areas in its wake, including Texas and Florida. JB Passmore Inc. and Starbucks partnered to reopen cafes for the community and pulled resources to provide for partners in the path.

Katrina and Rita

Katrina and Rita put tremendous demand on all in path (TX and LA). JB Passmore Inc. and Motiva pulled resources to restore the critical fuel network. Grateful for the hard work towards this unprecedented recovery!


  • It is nice to hear that a vendor is going above and beyond!
  • The handyman they sent out was amazing. He took the baseboard off and painted it to make it look nice. He also helped me route all the cords to the computer and vacuumed the whole area out before he put it back together.
  • All good thanks for the quick response. The best!!!
  • Passmore is amazing! Happy New Year!
  • Thanks you are very efficient!!!
  • Rock stars as always!! Much appreciated!
  • As always appreciate your partnership !
  • Many thanks for the quick response to my favorite co and getting the store boarded up they left behind quite of bit of lumber that needs to be picked their convenience!Hats off to the Passmore team-the best team I have worked with in over 20 years appreciate all you do!!!!
  • I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you and your employees that have work tirelessly over the past few weeks getting ready for and performing work throughout our Global Leadership Conference.
  • You guys are super helpful.
  • Thank you again for all of your help! You guys have been awesome!
  • I cannot express my appreciation to JB Passmore enough. In my opinion, Starbucks could not survive in Texas without you! Just know that I appreciate you !!!
  • You guys are awesome. Thank you for always being a partner and doing the right thing.
  • Thanks for being there for us



We get it. No one likes surprises. You can count on JB Passmore Inc to be completely transparent throughout the renovation and repairs process.


Our team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. JB Passmore Inc is your reachable partner in facility repair and renovation.


It's simple. Our decades of experience mean unparalleled service for our clients. The Passmore name has become associated with top facilities.