Passmore Advantage

The Passmore advantage isn’t just sixty years of expert opinion and top-quality results - it’s the continual innovation of the service experience.

JB Passmore Inc provides a dedicated service coordinator, local JB Passmore Inc. service technicians, superintendents, expert tradesmen, phone support, record keeping, surveys, short term storage and IT solutions. Our completely unique project-tracking system allows our clients to receive real-time updates on their renovations, repairs and rollouts. The system posts geotagged photos of projects with time and technician, ensuring our clients don’t have to wait hours to see progress.

We look and listen for solutions. To hire JB Passmore Inc. or receive a custom quote, contact our team at 888.644.1238.

We get it. No one likes surprises. You can count on JB Passmore Inc to be completely transparent throughout the renovation and repairs process.


Our team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. JB Passmore Inc is your reachable partner in facility repair and renovation.


It's simple. Our decades of experience mean unparalleled service for our clients. The Passmore name has become associated with top facilities.