Client Equipment Storage & Installation

Convenient & Local Storage + Installation

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We install equipment and furniture for each facility, minimizing costs and time.

We understand the difficulty in finding multiple vendors to take care of your various needs, which is why we offer storage and installation solutions. We have warehouses available for long and short-term equipment storage and the machinery ready for equipment installation. Ship your equipment to us and we will install after hours without disruption!

Top Equipment Storage & Installation

  • RTD cases
  • Pastry case
  • Under counter, upright and bar coolers
  • Warming and commercial cooking equipment
  • Brewer and espresso machines
  • Dish machines
  • Ice machines

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We get it. No one likes surprises. You can count on JB Passmore Inc to be completely transparent throughout the renovation and repairs process.


Our team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. JB Passmore Inc is your reachable partner in facility repair and renovation.


It's simple. Our decades of experience mean unparalleled service for our clients. The Passmore name has become associated with top facilities.